Check out what all these nice people have to say about the restaurant that New York Magazine and Time Out New York count as some of the best fried chicken and cheap eats in the City!

Top 5 fried chicken restaurants in America

A sleek, diminutive comfort food spot deep in New York's East Village, Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter will satisfy a number of cravings. New initiates should be obligated to try the crunchy fried free-range chicken. READ FULL ARTICLE

The New Yorker: Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter

Not too many weeks ago, portions of Alphabet City were inundated during the storm surge of Hurricane Sandy. Bobwhite, a minuscule spot serving Southern favorites, sustained moderate damage, when its basement flooded. But perhaps most crippling to it and hundreds of other small downtown restaurants was the loss of power for nearly a week, which [...]

FOOD NETWORK: Bobwhite’s Lunch & Supper Counter

Specialty Dishes: Three-Piece Fried Chicken Supper Bobwhite's mission is to make down-home Southern food in a seasonal, responsible manner that anyone can afford and enjoy on a regular basis. The menu is simple: fried chicken, biscuits, sandwiches and an ever-changing roster of vegetable sides. Jeff Mauro recommends the 3-piece fried chicken supper. READ FULL ARTICLE

A Southern Spot on a Mission

FIRST the chicken is baptized in sweet tea, a Southern elixir giddy with sugar, in which tea is an afterthought. It is left to brine overnight, then dredged in milk, flour, salt, pepper and mystery spices that the chef refuses to divulge. Into the pressure fryer it goes, then onto your plate. Dismemberment is swift. [...]

REVIEW: Bobwhite Counter

We were fully prepared to congratulate Mr. Bob White on cooking up the best fried chicken in the East Village until we read the bio on the Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter's website. Apparently Bob had absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned fried chicken, nor is he even a person. A "bobwhite" is actually [...]

Keedick Coulter Brings a Little South To Alphabet City

Of all the things I miss about the South (family, friends, warm February days) I miss the food. Particularly biscuits. And while living in Manhattan, I’ve often longed for my Southern staples to be as close as they were in my mother’s kitchen. And now … it’s happened. Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter has recently [...]

Best Mac ‘n Cheese in New York City

There’s one thing to know about Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter and that is that this fried chicken is damn good and worth the trek to alphabet city. The Fried Chicken Supper comes with 3 pieces, salad and a biscuit. I’ve never tasted fried chicken in the north that reminded me so much of being [...]

Great Restaurants For Dining Solo

If you read the internet, you have likely heard about some popular fried chicken sandwiches in the East Village. We advise ignoring those, and directing yourself to Bobwhite, which makes an actually-delicious chicken sandwich. We usually relegate this to takeout due to the somewhat tight and awkward seating setup, but if you're dining solo, it [...]

We Found The best Fried Chicken In NYC

This bustling, no-nonsense counter brines chicken overnight in salty and syrupy sweet tea for exceptionally savory and gently sweetened meat. But the star is the crust, riveted with all kinds of crisp nooks and crannies that develop in the pressure fryer. The hearty fried chicken supper ($11.50), composed with hot biscuits and a side of [...]

The 8 Best Fried Chicken Spots In NYC

BOBWHITE LUNCH AND SUPPER COUNTER: Over on Avenue C, just far enough out of reach from the drunk hordes that roam the East Village, tiny three-year-old Bobwhite Counter serves a tea-brined bird that's simple, salty, and satisfying. And the full fried chicken supper, with salad and jumbo biscuit, is only $11.50, so you can afford [...]