Keedick Coulter Brings a Little South To Alphabet City

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Of all the things I miss about the South (family, friends, warm February days) I miss the food. Particularly biscuits. And while living in Manhattan, I’ve often longed for my Southern staples to be as close as they were in my mother’s kitchen. And now … it’s happened. Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter has recently opened and is in walking distance from my East Village apartment.

Bobwhite owner Keedick Coulter, a 33-year-old transplant from Roanoke Virginia, left his job healthcare consulting to enter the NYC restaurant scene. And the food is the real show here. My weakness resides in the realm of fluffy biscuits, baked every morning and somehow still light and delicious well beyond noon. Recently, Bobwhite added a trio of Pimento Cheese biscuits to the list of specials and sides.

Photo: Jenny Adams

The food here is so mouth-wateringly addictive, even my Staten Island-born, Italian American roommate has eaten the pork chop sandwich three times this week. And, yes, that’s homemade chow chow on top (Coulter’s maternal-grandmother’s recipe).

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